Are Women In Hollywood Helping Women In Hollywood?

Are Women In Hollywood Helping Women In Hollywood?

This is a controversial question. Let me explain what I mean by this. I was working on all of my projects and planning who I was going to ask for help and mentoring. When I’d finished writing that list I realized there was not a single female on it. I began to ask myself why?
I wanted to rectify that. I emailed and facebooked and linked in several women in Hollywood. I will let you know that I didn’t have a single response of any sort from any of them. Now don’t get me wrong. We are all busy, I do not expect anyone to drop what they’re doing and answer my needs. However it made me begin to question who is there to help and guide.

I believe I’m very fortunate to be making a living from directing. There aren’t many women who can say this is their full time job. The level I’m at means I’m making good quality features and selling them. Now I need to go to the next level. The Nancy Meyers level, but how?

All of my mentors are introducing me to everyone, they are offering me the support I need. This is wonderful.

But I started to ask why none of them were female. My answers are that there just aren’t enough, they don’t have the time to help me. Or is it that everyone is worried about their own job and they don’t want to share, have we created a feeling of anxiety. Only enough for one women. Do we not care? Do we only help when we can? There are so many questions t this problem, I’m not aware of what the answer is. But if we don’t ask, we won’t get.

I’m a member of all the female groups out there. I offer as much help and support that I can. Mentoring and having people shadow me on EVERY set. But how do we make it to that next level, how can I take these women with me. How can I reinforce that there are enough jobs for us all. By creating Mother Daughter Entertainment. I am trying. This is not excluding men, quite the opposite. I love working with men and women. But it is about creating opportunities for us. To support each other. To make some noise.

We don’t want to just see the same old same old names. Women or men. We want to see opportunities being given to people, we want to make filmmaking available for everyone.

I am beyond excited to be on a panel in the next couple of months discussing this. I will also be offering a financial opportunity to a fellow female to make a film. By funding it and supporting them.

By making some noise in the right pro-active direction, by getting us press and publicity and talking about us all as leaders in this industry.

I would like to end with one final thought. Let’s build each other up, let’s support each other and let’s start HELPING each other and not just talking about it or expecting it to be given to us. We are the change.

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