Pretty Outrageous

Pretty Outrageous

This was exciting not only because it was my second feature to direct. It was my second feature in six months. My first feature is currently finishing it’s producers cut then it will be sent to post. There were a number of differences between my first and second, the genre, this was a family comedy with a cast of about 40 and set in LA with a lot of children! It was about a girlband from the UK who try to make it in a major competition in LA. So not only did I have to direct a girlband for their acting, I also had to work on their original songs. We are releasing their number one song and their music video and then finally their film next year.

On set we had a small crew of about 16 which meant we all worked the jobs of 2/3 people. We also shot this in only 12 days non-stop. As a director I have to be filled with enthusiasm and ideas and motivation 24/7 until we finish the shoot. I love directing so much this actually isn’t hard to do.

My cast are from several places. I’ve met them in London, LA or even Cannes Film Festivals. I also taught some of the younger cast. It’s important to me that the people involved in my productions are part of my production family.

We shot from 9am-7pm each day and then each night I would have meetings prepping for the next day and rewriting and reworking the script. 

In all honesty the week after we finished shooting I found that I was exhausted. I just wanted to sleep for hours! BUT now is the time to work on the post aspects. The editing, the social media, the brand, the poster, the IMDb info etc etc. 

The intention is to get theatrical release and I truly believe this will happen so watch out June 2017!

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