After Shooting!

After Shooting!

Finished shooting! Now what happens?

The last day of shooting is always so depressing. The family that exists from spending four weeks together making two amazing new babies (films not actual babies because that would be weird) means that when the family separate I feel totally lost. 

The intensity of being on a film set is like a drug. For those four weeks nothing else matters to me. I answer emails and phone calls only when I have to because I am totally dedicated to the projects. They need my energy, my time and my heart. Twelve hours or more of running a set, seeing my vision come to life. Standing and directing actors as well as planning with everyone what is going to happen the next day. Fixing problems that arise. To go from making over 100 decisions each day to everyone going home leaves me very sad. 

I always try to plan something for straight after the shoot. This year we had Christmas! So I was kept busy and after a week off I’m ready to hit the ground running to see my babies grow into young adults over a matter of weeks. 

I look back at photos with such fond memories now and remember how the shoot went. It seems like a lifetime ago. So now I can plan the next baby!

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