Screenwriters event in Hollywood.

Screenwriters event in Hollywood.

I had the pleasure of sitting in a small theatre in Downtown Hollywood with ten Academy Nominees a couple of nights ago.

The writers and or directors of the following films:

Hell or Highwater

Hidden Figures

Manchester by the Sea



La la land

20th century women

The first thought from the evening was that these people were just like me. They procrastinated in the same way, the have the same thoughts about writing, they are influenced in their writing by things that mean something to them. They were all happy to be brutally honest about how they were originally inspired to write their current films. They spoke about life experiences. The only female writer on the panel of Hidden Figures spoke about her experiences as a women in this industry and how this affected the writing of her film.

They all seemed very normal and very grateful to be on the stage which always makes people more enjoyable to listen to. One thing I remember was how the writer of Moonlight wrote the first draft in ten days in Brussels. He spoke about how he has to take himself off to be able to totally concentrate on his writing.

I left the session feeling motivated to continue writing and doing what I love. You never know when the project you write will be the popular winning one, but it doesn’t matter. I’m going to write what I know, what I understand and keep making stories.

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