Maybe I’m Fine

Maybe I’m Fine

Every single film experience I have is always the best and I never believe they can get better. The cast and crew become my family for those few weeks. However this one was on another level. What I mean by that was the amount of people involved. Our crew nearly doubled and the equipment we had was phenomenal. I shot with two blackmagics. Everyone worked so hard and even though there were more of us we still worked as a family.

This is something I pride myself on. Creating a film family. It’s important to keep that feeling. I become the head of this fragile family. It’s as if I have a baby each time that needs nurturing and looking after and most definitely needs food and rest regularly.

The way everyone pulled together and created a positive day always gives me a huge amount of happiness.

Of course there are issues and things that go wrong. One of the biggest things on this film was a space we used. A ranch in Simi Valley. The owner basically bullied me when I arrived and I had to make a decision about the space in half an hour whether we go for it or I find an alternative. I pulled my crew aside and asked for their help to find an alternative. I told them I would give us half an hour to make a decision. This owner had totally brought negativity onto my set and I had two hours to rectify this. The team needed to see someone make a decision. Once I had all the facts I decided to call everyone to one side. We held hands and I grounded us all and said we would continue with our day and have a phenomenal day and make this last day the best of them all. It was! It was incredible. The cast pulled it out of the bag and the crew worked their arses off.

I also found out who I was as a director on this day. I became the director I knew I was and wanted to be.

I enjoy shooting scenes together. Allowing the space to become almost like a play and my two cameras move with me and I continue the scenes running them into one another to allow the feelings to flow and build naturally. The cameras take note of who they got in close ups and wides and my scripty notes down my inserts. We then reset and repeat the whole play again.

It’s totally magical.

I cannot wait to share this with you.

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