International Womens Day

International Womens Day

I’ve written this blog in honor of international women’s day.

This is what a female filmmaker really looks like.

It’s 5.30am. Time to pack up breakfast and lunch to take for the day.
6am. Time to wake up my daughter.
6.30am leave the house with everything that’s needed for the day and take the dog for a walk. Drop of laundry at the launderette. Drop check in for rent.
8am arrive at acting coaching. Leave daughter there and head back to Hollywood for a meeting.
Between 8-9am make as many phone calls as possible. Do social media as soon as I park. Check all emails and respond.
9-10am meeting about investment for a film.
10am. Call daughter and get her uber to head to me.
10.30-11.30am meeting with a commercial producer.
11.30-12.30 make as many phone calls as I can.
12.30-5.30 sit with editor. Edit movie whilst also writing a blog, booking appointments, booking flights, emailing composer. Check on school work with daughter as she is homeschooled. Uber daughter home early. Make sure daughter has collected clothes from launderette.
2.30pm go live on air for a radio interview for 1 hour whilst making sure daughter is eating lunch.
5.30-7pm head home and make more phone calls to plan the next day. Stop in to the grocery store to get food.
7-8.30pm chat to daughter at home whilst unpacking from the day, tidying up, putting away launderette.
9pm now start work. Answering emails, finish off writing, watching footage. Planning next film. Booking appointments, updating visas or work permits. Transferring funds, checking daughters work. Email about the play I’m directing.
11.30pm bed.

I only have one daughter and one dog. I take my hat off to my fellow female filmmakers who have more. This average day that I’ve described doesn’t include a plethora of other things that us mums have to deal with. For example this is the here and now. What about the future. That future could be in the form of next week or later in the month, next year or even in five years time. I also plan like this for myself. Booking film festivals, or events or the next projects. I have short term lists and long term lists. I have ideas that I want to see come to fruition. Right now I’m in post on two features. Finalizing paperwork to have sold three other previous projects. In pre-prod phase of writing second drafts of my next two films. Raising investment for those two films. Directing a play. Planning my book tour and book interviews. Writing my next book. Meeting new people and networking.

None of this includes any personal visits, doctors or hair salons or shopping.

It is endless, but I love it. This is what a female filmmaker looks like. Multitasking and working on a number of things at the same time. Being a mum, a friend, a director, a teacher, a cook, a taxi driver, a cleaner, a psychologist………………..

Im working on a set of photos that encapsulate this idea. Female Filmmakers who have camera/film equipment in one hand as well as some form of normality in the other.

Let’s embrace how different we are to our male counterparts, this is a good thing. We are able to bring something else to the table. Women have a strength that is only known to us. We are superheroes. So go get em ladies.

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