My boat

My boat

Yes I’m crazy, yes I’ve heard a boat owners favourite days are the day they buy it and the day they sell it. Well I have to disagree. This boat is my haven. My writing my space. My timeout.

I decided over the space of three hours to buy a boat till I owned the boat. Let me explain I live in the smallest beach cottage in the world and so I need space. I need an office but I don’t want to waste money. I think life is for living and experiences as opposed to owning things. But this was a decision because it was to become my home. A space that moves with me. A space that can be a home, an office a spare room.

It has gone through total refurbishment from being all wood and unloved with carpet and furniture since 1978 to totally emptied and repainted and varnished to become this beautiful space in 2017.

This weekend she is becoming a safe haven for a friend who needs time out from her husbands cancer treatment. This is a space I can offer. A respite, something special. She is for sharing.

So from her old appearance to how she is now refurbished and loved she is ready to share that love with everyone who visits her.

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