Radio, Pre-prod, Cannes

Radio, Pre-prod, Cannes

This is a blog with a little bit of everything. It’s a catch up on the last month. A play, as seen in my last blog. Three radio interviews and a podcast. All links are on my site here:

As well as post for the last two films SOS and Maybe I’m Fine. It always takes longer to finish films that you might think. Checking and rechecking. Corrections and slight alterations. But in two weeks they will be finished and ready to be sold.

Pre-production for my next two films Arabella based on my book. And The Girl With The Crooked Smile. A true story based on Sarah Tubert. So now I’m raising money, completing scripts and planning the shooting logistics.

I also had my book signing at The Mystic Journey Bookstore. I couldn’t believe how much support I got. It was truly wonderful to share my story.

Finally getting ready for Cannes Film Festival. I’m on a panel for directors 10th May 3.30pm. Venue to be confirmed. So now I’m planning that week and how I can make the most if it. It’s always wonderful to be part of this event.

Isabella is also working solidly on her plans and scripts and a TV show. As well as driving.

It has been a wonderful few weeks. My article in Stage 32 also came out and I think it inspired a few people. I seemed to get some lovely emails. Here is one of the many:

“First, Thank you so so very much for sharing your story on “Think, Believe and Manifest!” with Constance Arnold. I listened this morning on my way into my Substitute Teaching job and it was so inspirational and on par to where I’m at in life currently. Thank you! You were so genuine and honest and kind and sincere and so many other positive words. It was raw yet empathetic. You’re truly a gift from God and I’m thankful that I was introduced to you on my healing journey.”

Thank you for everyone’s continued support.

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