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Law of Attraction Radio

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March 18 – Elizabeth Blake Thomas – NEVER GIVE UP!

Join Constance and her special guest Elizabeth Blake Thomas who is an award winning Director and Writer in Hollywood. She has been in the film industry for many years and will share the universal principles that she has used to begin creating and living the life of her dreams. She will answer the “I don’t have enough money question” and share how to keep pursing your dreams and stay determined when it looks like nothing is happening in your life. Elizabeth just released her new book entitled Arabella which she will begin filming in the Fall of 2018. (

My own personal comments:

Elizabeth Blake Thomas was a wonderful, informative and inspiring guest on The Think, Believe & Manifest Talk Show on the Law of Attraction Radio Network. She shared powerful truths that millions of listeners globally could understand and implement into their own personal lives. I have received wonderful feedback from the show about her vulnerability, authenticity and specific “how to’s” for implementation.


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