Public Speaking

I’ve been asked to speak at several panels and events including most recently LadyFilmakers and Sunscreen as well as at private events about my experiences. Four Features in my First Year as a Female Director. I speak to all ages men and women. I aim to inspire and educate. If you would like more information please don’t hesitate to contact me on

“Listening to Elizabeth speak at the Lady Filmmaker’s speaker series was like getting a shot of inspiration and motivation!   It was so much better than reading any “how to” book!  Elizabeth captivated the Standing Room Only audience of filmmakers and had us all wanting to hear more. Not only did we get too hear about how she was able to Write, Direct and Produce 4 feature films in one year, but  she also shared with us how critical, hard work, determination and the ability to develop and nurture relationships  at every stage of life, is to becoming a successful filmmaker. There is more than one way to skin a cat and Elizabeth shared her unique path with us. I highly recommend attending an event where Elizabeth is scheduled to speak. You won’t’ be sorry!  “

Katie Canty,
Director & Writer

“Elizabeth Blake Thomas is an amazing speaker and an emerging voice in cinema! Her drive and energy engages the audience’s attention, but it’s her practical solutions to independent filmmaker problems that make her such a valuable speaker. All of this is done with an elegant British accent to boot! When Elizabeth is speaking, bring lots of notebook paper and three pencils because she has already been stumped by and then solved, most of the problems independent filmmakers are faced with during a production. Finally, as a female filmmaker and Brit expat, she brings a unique take on the storytelling process and what it takes in 2017 to create compelling stories and a sustainable career in the industry.”
Dave DeBorde
Chair of Cinematic Arts at Lipscomb University & Filmmaker
“Elizabeth is an inspirational speaker who delighted the audience with her candid and helpful experiences on her journey becoming a feature film writer/director.”
Patricia Viayra
Ladyfilmakers Film Festival

This is a controversial question. Let me explain what I mean by this. I was working on all of my projects and planning who I was going to ask for help and mentoring. When I’d finished writing that list I realized there was not a......