A book, a real book. A book you can actually hold. This was a totally surreal moment when people started to send me photos of themselves holding my book. It was even more surreal when I held it. Also incredibly surreal to hear your daughter giggling away at night whilst reading it.

This has all happened relatively quickly. I had a few stories that I would tell my best friend and she said I should write the book. So I did. After a few rewrites and a publisher who was interested I ended up with a paperback book. A real book!

The movie is coming next year but that’s another story! Anyway I’m currently working on my book tour and promoting the book. Someone said to me the other day that I was unique and there was only a small percentage of the population like me. I asked what he meant. He explained someone that has an idea, does it and makes it happen. I am incredibly fortunate to have support from my friends and family encouraging me to go for my crazy ideas!

So please buy my book as the profits go towards two charities. “Alliance of Women Directors” as well as “Have your cake and eat it!” The first one is self explanatory the second one is due to my personal experiences. When a partner leaves you the first thing to go are things that effect the children. The summer camps, the parties, Christmas treats. So this is set up to help those single parents pay for those experiences. It isn’t fair that the child should lose out. For two months during my separation I was left with nothing. Rent wasn’t paid and I had nothing. As well as when summer came around the normal things that would have happened couldn’t. Finally Christmas. No help towards a normal Christmas. There is nothing more humiliating than asking for things for yourself and your child when you know the answer will be no. So I do not want anyone else to feel that. Whether it be a birthday cake or a camp. This is what I’m going to help fund.

So please purchase and enjoy.

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